Tips for Picking a Budget Gaming Computer

So you’re on a budget and want to play some games? We have given a rundown on what to expect within each price bracket. Please note, ultra portable models are less powerful than their counterparts of 15 inches and more. Additional usage of the graphics settings are to be expected with this type of computer, designed primarily to promote autonomy at the expense of performance.

It’s hard to find many that are around $600 but they are there.  They can handle most games that are easy on the graphics and ram.

The laptops around $800 start to get a bit better and can handle more graphic intensive games. In this price range, there are more choices and configurations with more speed and are able to meet the needs of regular players.

The laptops at $1000 are starting to get good.  Power and speed are plentiful and there are some with Full HD panels, graphics card equipped with GDDR5 and Quad Core processors.

gamingThe laptops $1300 get even better with more power and screen sizes available.
Exceeding $1000 now allows players to find models with graphics cards even better. The rest of the configuration changes little from the lower price ones at $1000.

Make sure to do some research before buying as getting the right gaming computer is essential to avoid it breaking down too soon!

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