What Are The Most Common Types Of Kitchen Hardware?

Basic or multifunction, design or retro, big or small, the mixer or sink faucet is chosen according to the expected use and the style of the kitchen.

Standard Kitchen Mixer

With a single control, this sink faucet makes it possible to adjust the flow and temperature of the water in a single gesture. In addition to its practicality, it reduces water and energy costs by 20 to 30% compared to the mixer (with two taps to turn: hot water on the left, cold water on the right). The mixing valve can incorporate various improvements such as an anti-scald temperature limiter, a water flow reducer that reduces water consumption by up to 50% without any real loss of comfort or an anti-lime device.

Rotary mixer with movable spout

If a fixed spout is sufficient for small sinks, a high and mobile spout is essential for larger bins. Rotating at 90 °, 180 ° or 320 °, the mixing valve rotates to clean thoroughly. The height of the spout should be chosen according to the height of the tank.

Single lever mixer with pull-out spray

This mixer tap, of standard size, integrates an ex tractable shower head at the end of its spout. This one can have a single jet or propose, in addition, a jet “rain”, ideal for rinsing vegetables and the dishes or the cleaning of the sink. The mixer with practical and discreet ex tractable shower can be considered on all styles and sizes of sink.

Large kitchen mixer type kitchen chef

Inspired by chefs’ kitchens, this raised, flexible mixer, often installed in the island kitchen, is the pro version of the previous one. We choose it for its look but also for its flexibility of use. Its long flexible hose is easily oriented to clean or fill large containers.

Infrared sensing electronic mixer

Hands-free, these infra-red mixing valves are battery operated. No need to touch the faucet: the water flows and stops automatically by simply passing or removing the hand. An economical and hygienic solution.

Kitchen mixer for kitchen

Collapsible or telescopic, the flip-up mixer allows the installation of the sink in front of a window. Equipped with a nozzle capable of tipping forwards, falling on the side or disappearing in the worktop, it allows to open and close the wings without discomfort.

Retro style mixer tap

Inspired by late nineteenth-century models, with tapered lines, a swan-necked beak and a porcelain handle, the retro-style mixer tap gives a seal to any kitchen. Bronze color, old copper, old brass or nickel, it brings a vintage touch to your sink. It is also appreciated in a wall version with a basin of the type stamp of office.

Wall-mounted faucet

Clean and minimalist, this type of sink hardware, sometimes, tends to fade to make it look bad. Four finishes, everything is possible: stainless steel, brass black, brushed steel or color, matched to the elements of the kitchen.

Single lever mixer with spout

Top of the top, some high-end mixers incorporate stuff at the end of the nozzles that make it change color according to the temperature: blue when it’s cold, red when it’s hot. Magical but often expensive.


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